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July 10 | PuzzleHR is Providing a Free Webinar Course on Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural yet complex element of the workplace that, if not managed wisely, can disrupt organizational harmony and growth. IBPI Vendor Partner PuzzleHR is offering 'Managing Conflict' training to all IBPI Members during a free 60-minute webinar course Wednesday, July 10 at 1:00pm EDTThis course is designed by the PuzzleHR Learning & Development team and offers vital strategies for managing your team through conflict. 




At the end of the course, participants will understand:

  1. How to Set the Foundation for Conflict…Trust? - Discover how establishing trust within teams creates a robust foundation for managing conflict effectively. Learn strategies to build and maintain trust, enabling a culture where conflict leads to growth.
  2. Conflict Management - Gain insights into identifying and resolving conflicts constructively. This module offers practical tools and techniques for mediation, negotiation, and fostering long-term team harmony.
  3. Why Conflict is Important and How to Mine for It - Explore the positive aspects of conflict as a catalyst for innovation and team cohesion. Learn how to proactively seek out and leverage conflict to uncover opportunities and enhance problem-solving.


  • Derek Higgs, Learning Consultant, PuzzleHR  Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer
  • Heidi Hernandez, Facilitator of Learning, PuzzleHR   SHRM-CP
  • Rebecca Burbridge, Founder and VP of Customer Success, PuzzleHR