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IBPI Announces Nest Health Connections as a Preferred Wellness Vendor Partner

Health Connections, a corporate wellness firm that is elevating employee well-being by supporting healthy work culture shifts has partnered with IBPI to create IBPI Well-Being, a customized well-being program for IBPI members and their families.

As a new IBPI Partner, Nest Health Connections is curating, implementing, and managing a holistic well-being program under the newly formed brand, IBPI Well-Being. The mission of IBPI Well-Being is to inspire and empower the IBPI community to embrace a culture of wellness through connection, education, and action. The program will supply meaningful resources and empower individuals to take small, significant steps toward optimal health – fostering a work environment that makes balance, vitality, and longevity accessible to all.

IBPI will host an informational webinar Thursday, December 7 @ 3:00pm ET that will provide a 30-minute introduction and Q+A on how this new IBPI Partner could be impactful to your organization. Expect to learn how investing in IBPI Well-being could improve employee retention, enhance recruitment efforts, decrease health insurance costs, and positively impact the culture of your organization.

IBPI Well-being Webinar

The IBPI Well-Being initiative will focus on four pillars of health: movement, sleep, nutrition, and mental health; but it doesn’t stop there! Employees can expect new, fun, and engaging topics every month. Programming will feature live educational classes, 10-minute movement and stretch breaks, well-being challenges, a dedicated website and mobile app, and more. Employees and their families are encouraged to participate in programming that piques their interests and take small steps to incorporate healthy habits into their own lives.

“IBPI is so excited to bring IBPI Well-Being to our membership,” said Mark Grice, Executive Director at IBPI.  “Kristin and her team at Nest Health Connections have curated an outstanding program for our membership.  This truly is the essence of IBPI, using our size and buying power to provide a tremendous service to our members that could not afford it otherwise.  This program would cost 10x-20x more if a dealer contracted it individually, but as a member of IBPI, it is very affordable.”“We are delighted to join this exciting industry group and offer a comprehensive wellness program to its members,” said Kristin Markey, CEO of Nest Health Connections. “We look forward to helping IBPI members and their families focus on their own health and wellness while incorporating well-being into the culture of their organizations. In addition, members will find improvements in retention, recruitment efforts and insurance premiums. It is truly an investment that will pay for itself over and over again.”  


About IBPI

IBPI is the largest buying group in the office equipment industry. Their membership is composed of over 500 commercial copier and print dealers located throughout the United States and Canada. Since 1987, IBPI has built an outstanding reputation based upon bringing tremendous buying power to dealers. Members get discounted pricing from vendors and a rebate check every year based on their purchases. IBPI is committed to combining the buying power of its membership through purchasing programs negotiated with vendors who provide quality products and services.

About Nest Health Connections, LLC

Nest Health Connections has been elevating employee well-being and supporting healthier work cultures since 2017. Nest partners with workplaces to create authentic programming and lead employees on their wellness journeys. Their work centers around building an environment that encourages small steps, inspires community, and fosters change toward a happier and healthier lifestyle. Today, Nest Health Connections positively impacts the lives of thousands of employees around the world.