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How To Sell Managed IT Services with an Office Equipment Sales Team

  • September 17, 2020
  • 2:00 PM


Join the leadership team from Taylor Business Group as we discuss how to increase your sales teams's skills to lead to increased sales and better client relationships. As part of this curriculum, we will assist the sales executive to custom-design a Sales Playbook they can execute incrementally over time. Building sales leadership is the key to transforming the destiny of your company.

Proven Leaders

Pete Peterson was the sales engine that took his MSP from start-up to over $15M in annual sales while creating the blue-print for the TBG Customer Account Manager role. He started his career in social work and uses the principles of service leadership to help MSP owners create a sales program which reflects the best version of their company. His concepts are simple, but they’re not always easy, as he helps you focus on the most important metrics for customer satisfaction, sales growth and to build a repeatable marketing engine.

Michael Cummings has worked with MSP owners to build the sales and client account management engines that consistently drive 20-35% annual sales growth. Michael developed his program while working for Fortune 500 and technology start-ups. Recruited to TBG to create a one of a kind curriculum, Michael shares the methods which have worked for hundreds of MSPs for almost 20 years.

Who Should Sign Up

This webinar is for owners. This training is for your sales staff selling Managed Network Services. Let TBG explain how to boost Managed Network Services sales performance and become a Growth Company.

The top MSPs have a repeatable, high-margin recurring revenue stream. This webinar is intended for Copier Dealers who want to learn how to tap into their customer base for new revenue while adding new logos and fresh revenue streams. Our program is designed for the sales executives who needs to understand the transition into Managed Network Services to close Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) deals. Participants can include entry level sales reps, experienced Account Executives, vCIOs or CAMs.

Every business faces competing priorities, but success requires a dedicated commitment. It doesn’t matter if you have tried sales training or marketing toolkits in the past or are currently enrolled in a program. That previous experience can easily be leveraged to get the desired outcome.

We Will Discuss

  • Identify your perfect client: Taylor’ed Client Profile (TCP)
  • Laser-focus your marketing tools to the businesses that fit your TCP
  • Increase new MRR sales
  • Implement Best in Class account management with current TCP clients to build loyal and profitable relationships. Note: Not all of your copier clients will meet the profile of your TCP
  • Follow the TBG best in class sales process
  • Design and implement a repeatable prospecting and marketing methodology


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